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The credibility of The Investing Times is evident as a household name in its 45th year of production. The basis of its success is that it advocates stable, conservative minded and sensible investing which is printed often enough to identify actionable opportunities but not too often that it becomes subjected to short-termism and market noise (3 reports issued twice per quarter equating to 24 publications per year).

It is recognised by many as Australia’s longest-running structured investment research publication. It is independent, unbiased and liberated from the conflicting interests that are inherent in the financial planning industry, and is therefore seen as an indispensable guide to the best investments in the best asset classes with the confidence they will retain their significance in 3, 5, 10 or 15 years (as opposed to the short-termism of tomorrow).

A combination of this makes it the perfect companion for anyone involved in the supervision of an investment portfolio or self-managed super fund. 

8 Facts About Investing Times

  1. The Investing Times has been running for 45 years and counting
  2. Produce 80,000-120,000 words of analytical investment research per year 
  3. 89% of our subscribers have been with us for over 5 years
  4. 65% of our subscribers have been with us for over 10 years
  5. 11% of our subscribers are doctors
  6. The top state for subscribers is currently QLD, followed by NSW, VIC and WA.   
  7. 26% of our subscribers are female and growing
  8. 200+ investments and multiple asset classes are analysed or screened before every edition

What do we do

Readers choose between hard-copy and/or soft-copy, which gets delivered seamlessly based on their instruction when they sign-up.

Published twice per quarter (approximately every six weeks) the Investing Times focuses on:

  • Strategies and opportunities including expert commentary on current and major financial topics and critical assessment of equity, property and fixed interest markets, managed funds, product reviews and general investor education including insurance and taxation.
  • The “Zone System” which is our exclusive share-market barometer and a proven metric to help you decide on the ideal allocation between cash and shares
  • Reviews on various market sectors including the current position and market mood
  • Self managed superannuation fund commentary on investment issues and rule changes specific to DIY funds
  • Sharemarket analysis designed to maximise the value of long-term core and defensive share portfolios which also includes timely updates on holdings in every issue.

Our History

The story of the Investing Times dates back to foundations established by Austin Donnelly in 1971. Austin was recognised as Australia’s number 1 financial adviser for much of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s and was one of few investors to pick major market crashes with consistency (including infamously in 1987). His legacy remains as a voice for sensible investing and as an advocate for small investors. These days, the Investing Times continues to exhibit the same core values that Austin advocated, but is now a resourceful business comprising the collective voice of sensible, conservatively minded commentators with an abundance of experience and expertise.

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