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Accuracy Disclaimer

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our information, The Investing Times accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the content. No formal or informal guarantees are implied.

The information that we publish has been prepared from a wide variety of sources, that we believe to be credible. However, The Investing Times makes no representation and takes no responsibility as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website or in the publication. If anything within The Investing Times triggers you to consider your investment options, you should strongly consider seeking personal and professional advice before acting on these thoughts.

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Email Delivery Disclaimer

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Personal Use

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Payment Disclaimer

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All payments are considered non-refundable except at the discretion of The Investing Times.

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If the landscape in which we operate is interfered with or is not capable of being conducted as reasonably expected for any reason, The Investing Times has full discretion to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the terms outlined to the full extent permitted by law,.

Changes and Renewal Details

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Upon subscribing, you will have full access to our publication for the proceeding term following the subscription registration date. From time to time, we may offer bonuses or offers, and have the right to introduce third-party offers to you although this is not standard practice.

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Suspension Policy

Unfortunately, temporary suspension is not a facility offered by The Investing Times. Therefore, subscribers will need to decide between termination or retention.

Outside Parties

The Investing Times reserves the right to provide incentives or monetary consideration to outside parties for introducing new subscribers to our publication. Conversely, The Investing Times also reserves the right to receive incentives or monetary consideration from outside parties.

Staff Policy

As we are a publishing business, and do not provide any specific recommendations or advice, staff and related parties may hold investments that are related to the commentary within in the publication. However, as a matter of principle we make every effort to ensure that staff holdings do not conflict with any commentary that we publish, and will be disclosed where deemed appropriate.


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